Thursday, March 15

Breaking The Chains: Part 1.

In the mood for 18 vs 29

have you ever experienced noodles coming outta yer nose?

i just did.

sampai je rumah tadi, aku trus masak megi. then dah siap masak tu, terus la makan straight from the periuk (i.e. i'm not using any bowl whatsoever. yes i know it's not appropriate to eat straight from the pot, but i like it that way. terasa cam korean pulak makan megi dari periuk muahahah). baru je first bite, tersedak. cam siot je. dah la panas giler. dan dan lagi aku pakai chopstick besi (baru ade feel) nak katup mulut pun terase paneh. huuu. tu ok lagi tu. dah abih tersedak tu, selepas beberapa suap rasa saluran pernafasan tak selesa. so i blew my nose. and, wal-lah! an inch long noodle came outta me nose. disgusting, ain't it? and no, i did not put the noodle back into my mouth.


back to the topic today. baru je rase macam maleh la nak buat chain memes ni. sekali kena "sep" pulak ngan 'anne yang serabai' (hihi jangan mare aa anne!). so, here goes.



and, since i intend to break the chain, i'll let this end here.

but then, i do want to see herbie's, kran's, and charon's wallpaper too...

:( aw shucks...

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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raggedyanne said...

sampai hati ko panggil aku serabai. Serabut more like it, harhar. Nway thnks for participating. I pretty much thought that ur desktop looks cooler than mine.