Saturday, March 24


Winamp playin' Slow by Kiyoharu
I've just found a cool webbie with very nice (and I mean very, very nice) wallpapers. The site's called Desktopography. I suddenly have the urge to use all the wallpapers displayed on the site! Well, not all, but most of 'em. And although I love Yuusuke Nakamura's artwork, it's not like I've to use his work as my desktop wallpaper all the time, right?

So, if you're bored with your wallpaper (or the themes you've been using e.g anime, manga, rockstars, pornstars, tvshows, artistes, etc) and you want something artistic instead, type on your urlbar or just click here to change it. But be warned, this site is Flash loaded, so it'll be kinda slow loading, and not good for people using dialup.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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k o r o m y s t said...

Aaa... memang menarik tapi malangnya saya still obses dengan manganime themes xPPP