Wednesday, April 18

Copy and Paste sahaja...

In the mood for a ride. (?)



1. How much is satu kupang?
2. Where's the favourite spot to take wedding pictures in Taiping?
3. In what dialect is Apo Nak Di Kato?
4. Name at least five variations of roti canai.
5. What is the staple food of native Sarawakians.
6. Name a popular Malay ointment made from "sea-cucumber"
7. Name the sauce made from fish or shrimp that the Kelantanese love.
8. What does pi mai pi mai tang tu mean?
9. Which fruit is*Ipohfamous for?
10. What is the English name for putu mayam?
11. "Lah" is to Peninsular Malaysians as"..." is to Sabahans.
12. What does ABC stand for?
13. How long is a sari?
14. What does the Cantonese phrase" ngam ngam " means ?
15. Name*Penang's famous beach.
16. How do you order coffee mixed with tea at a kopi-tiam?.
17. What's on Malaysian TV at 8pm?
18. On one side of our RM1 coin is the bunga raya, what's on the other?.
19. Now what's on our 10 sen coin?
20. What was the name of the KL Commonwealth Games 1998 mascot?
21. When you fill in a form, if you're not Malay, Chinese or Indian, you are...?
22. Who is*Malaysia's favourite Kampung Boy?
23. How did the word "gostan" come about?
24. Lobo's "Whispers in the Wind" is the English version of which famous Malay song?
25. When did*Malaysialast win the Thomas Cup?
26. What is the name of our national flag?
27. If you want 4D numbers, who do you consult?
28. What's the name of the Malaysian-made 175cc motorbike?
29. Name our national bird.
30. If the father is a baba, and the mother is a nyonya, then what is the son?

Answers will be given in due course. While waiting for that post, please help yourself by answering in the comment page. Muhehehe.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy


anne said...

putu mayam has an english word? coffee + tea = ko-teh? lol

and since when do we have a national birdie?

oh my, this is depressing...

dB said...

haha aku lagi ga tau deh!

k o r o m y s t said...

hornbill is Malaysia's national bird I think ... o_O