Tuesday, May 15

Copy and Paste sahaja (Part II)

In the mood for makan ABC

Bagi sesape yang dah lama menunggu....


1. Northern slang for 10 sen
3. Negri Sembilan, meaning "What's there to say?"
4. Roti bom, roti pisang, roti planta, roti telur, roti sardin, roti tisu, roti bawang
5. Sago
6. Minyak gamat made from sea cucumber, for wounds
8. Northern dialect that means coming and going but ending up at the same spot
9. Pomelo
10. String hoppers
11. Bah
12. Air batu campur OR All Asia Broadcast Centre 13. Six yards
14. Just in time or just fit or just right.
15. Batu Ferringhi
16. Kopi cham
17. The news
18. Keris
19. Congkak
20. Wira
21. "Other" or Lain-lain
22. Lat
23. A corruption of "go astern"
24. P. Ramlee's Getaran Jiwa
25. 1992
26. Jalur Gemilang
27. "Datuk"
28. Jaguh
29. There's none - lah
30. Baba


0-10 - Malu-lah you! We suggest you spend at least one hour a day at your nearest coffee-shop.

11-20 - Boleh pass. Okay, you may claim to be the average Malaysian with a score in this range but you could watch less CNN on Astro and more local content on RTM.

21-30 - Wah, you one true blue Malaysian-lah. Top quality belacan. We are truly impressed, especially if you know the answer to No. 24 which we admit is very tricky!

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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