Thursday, May 17

Lagi Lagi Copy and Paste: Part I

In the mood for Dal Ja & Tae Bong

Anda buleh jawab?

Jawapannya selepas ini...

(Background music: Who Wants to be a Millionaire)
(Ad Cue)

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy


k o r o m y s t said...

Ahaha~!! I wanna try~!! xD

1. seven seas
2. split level?
3. forgive and forget
4. running out of words?
5. downtown
6. lucky space?
7. he's a apart of himself?
8. see-through blouse?
9. first aid
10. for the west?
11. six feet under
12. backward glance?
13. tricycle
14. reading between the lines
15. crossroads
16. zero above degrees?
17. neon lights?
18. just you and me
19. one in a million
20. promise into half?
21. touchdown?
22. life numbers?
23. jack in the box
24. rising economy?
25. upstate?
26. just around the corner
27. half an apple pie?
28. [I dunno whut da heck is this!! xD]
29. standing ovation
30. i under stand take over you two under mine taking over my

k o r o m y s t said...

I just had to come back and correct it ^_^

Number 25 is "up before eight" ... xD

k o r o m y s t said...

And the sequence for number 30...

i under stand you under take two under mine my under taking


"i understand you undertake to undermine my undertaking"

raggedyanne said...

hey, reminds me of a certain we used to play together... nong nong time ago :)

dB said...

aheh... tak de lagi ke yang nak cuba? aku dah nak letak jawapan dah ni...

@ anne
yup.... nong nong time ago in a ganaxy far away :D

anne said...

i meant to write 'certain game' - termiss pulak !