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If You're in My Shoes, It Would Be Awkward.

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How do you react if someone asks you a question which might put you in an awkward situation?

Case one:
I've been blessed with a not-so-much-of-a-problematic skin. Maybe it runs in my family, from my mum's side.

One day someone said to me,

"Ei muka dB ni tak de masalah pun, licin je tengok"

when I do have scabs from my gatal hands popping my zits before they are big enough to see the world.

If I answered with

"Well it runs in my family"

it sounds so snobbish to me, and make me feel like the other person will think that I'm somewhat superior genetically. But when I answered

"Eh mana ade.. ni nampak ni ade kesan picit jerawat semua"

that person went

"Eii but then tak obvious pe?/Still muka licin pe?/Tak nampak pun?" etc.

Le sigh.

Case 2:
I apply talcum powder on my body after shower. There's this one talcum powder which smells very nice, but then, with that being a talc and like the other talc that I have, I don't think too much about it, and the smell would fade from my sense of smell.

One day I forgot to spray my Daisy, and was a bit bothered since I did not apply perfume at all when I reached the office.

So about 4-5 hours later, when I went to a colleague's place to help her with something, and suddenly she said

"Eii you smell nice! What perfume you used?"

In this real situation, I actually answered

"Eh I tak pakai perfume hari ni." Which immediately sounds snobbish to me upon saying it out loud (as in "I don't smell bad OKAYYYY" like that). Seriously I only remember not wearing any perfume that day and not the part that I wore that sweet smelling talc.

And when I sat back at my desk, THEN I remembered about the talc. But it felt like if I explained it to that colleague at that time, maybe she would say I'm just saying that to cover the snob remark.

You see, the problem in this situation is, nobody had said that to me before. Normally people asked me that question when I DO apply my perfume that day.

Le sigh.

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