Monday, June 13

Take Off

In the mood for Take Off by 2PM

These kids are ready for their take off this afternoon.

One will go to Finland, another to Shanghai, the rest to Russia, USA and the Netherlands.

Have to admit, even after over a year sending and receiving postcards through Postcrossing, I've never get bored of it. A bit malas, yeah, at several points of time. But never bored.

Wanna know why?

I love the feeling of receiving postcards. Nope, not only that. Snail mails included. And oh, packages too. Especially internationally. And I bet most of us feels the same too.

A friend once was a bit skeptical to this exchange. There's this hidden danger to this by exposing your address to the world, that said friend said. True, true.

This thing is actually more or less like that international pen pal thingy I once took part in many many years ago. You give out your address in order to get someone else's address, so you can start your search for a prince from other country. Well, not actually for that purpose, but it sure feels great if you got one. And I remember paying RM2 (or was it RM20? Tak ingat, around that la kot) to get my name and address in the loop.

The most significant pen pal I had that time was someone by the name of Micaela Kurcgor or something like that, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She was the only pen pal whom I kept in touch the longest, about 4-6 years I guess; lost contact when both of us enter pre-U (she went to a college, guess pre-U only exists in Malaysia?), and also due to the information age where snail mails are thing of the past.

The similar thing about this Postcrossing and that pen pal thingy is both are relying heavily on trust. Providing personal information is an act of trust and should be taken seriously. They should only provide your address to the intended recipient, and you will have to trust them for this to happen.

Yes, you should not simply trust anyone. Especially the net. But by being too rigid, you are shielding yourselves from the many incredible possibilities of the world.

I've broken out of this shell when I first did my online transaction to buy books from MPH (at that time I don't think Postcrossing already existed).

When I first set up my Postcrossing account, I was being very cautious. But when the postcards started to came in, I felt very happy (especially when I received those cute ones =] ) I even set up another account for this.

So.. why don't you get ready for your take off?

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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