Wednesday, March 13


Methinks by the end of this month (whilst I'm off for my trip weeehoooo) my team will be relocated to another place, together with the rest of the big team. While I am happy to move (I don't really like my current place; fell sick too many times already since we moved there last year), I don't really delighted with the new seating arrangement.

You see, being an anti-social (self-proclaimed but might be 95.7% true) I am, I'd prefer to have a workstation where I could do my work without any unwelcomed disturbances. I'd be uber happy if they provide partitions for each workstations. The current seating suits me fine; my boss on my right (who would always be tied up), and another an-soc on my left. So I could give my attention to the screen most of the time.

But then the new arrangement makes me sit beside someone that I am close to. That means around 30% of my attention would be gone, provided that the person likes to talk to me most of the time. And considering the fact that this person loves to speak random nonsense, I bet around 25-35% more will be gone.


Would it make me a bad person, preferring not to sit beside someone that is close to me?

(Actually I have more to write, but I could not think straight. Gon' go to bed, toodles)

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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