Sunday, March 17

May We Have Pleasant Journeys, Liv.

Finally I got the one that I've been wanting for.

There was this time ago when I first know about this shoe. Now, being a person who doesn't exercise, when I saw the price online (on eBay summore) I was overwhelmed - let's just say it's way beyond what I was expecting. I could get several other shoes for walking (bersiar-siar dan bukan marathon ye) with that price. So then I shifted my vision to other shoes/sneakers and it settled down to New Balance.

I followed a sneakers-lover who posted a lot of NB sneakers pics on tumblr. And he did give some good reviews on NB, so that made me want it more.

And so yesterday my buddies and I went NB-hunting. Since the factory was closed, K suggested that we go to Fahrenheit88; there is an NB shop there. We agreed to park at Pavilion and walk to F88. But after a while I felt halfhearted since we have to cross a busy street to go there, so I kept delaying until after Maghrib prayers.

After the prayers, I walked to see my friends who were inside a store by the end of the other side of the building. Then I saw the Sketchers shop. Something made me want to go inside, and lo, behold. I saw Liv.

Saw the price. Contemplated.

The salesgirl showed me another type which costs less. Tried that on. Asked the salesgirl to get Liv. Tried it on. Loved it.

The rest is history.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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