Friday, March 19

Copied from Izam's Blog

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malas nak naip blog sendiri. tapi taip blog plak kat comment section orang. ah~~ heck. read on!

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and there i was, reading izam’s blog when suddenly KARPOW!! (just maximizing the sound effect) a bug landed on my shoulder. as i am afraid of animals lurking on my skin (huh?) i manage to let loose a weeny scream but stucked 1/8 of the way (look at the time i jot this down, man). wonder will i ever pass the preliminaries of fear factor (do they have any?)

and there i was, wondering about the fear factor blablabla when i realised, "oh i havent finished reading," and resume my reading of izam’s blog (can i call u izam? or do u need a mr. with that?). read, read, read, yada, yada, yada. ah! doogie howser! buttercup! jabberjaws! retro@8? great idea~! get one of those ruffedges or v.e to host! or, cincai lah, one of the 2by2 also can what.

and there i was, reminiscing the time when 2by2 gain popularity by singing with siti nurhaliza while reading the comments section. ah~! there is a person by the name az posted a comment. oops! clicked what i tot a url link, when it’s actually an email address. what? azsamad? az, if u’r reading this, r u by any chance the son of a. samad said? just askin just askin.

and there i was, wondering if there is really the son of the sasterawan negara singgah sebentar memberi komen, i finally found the comment box. after seeing "Hey, how come nobody commented on my blog?" posted by izam, i try to give my comment. like the blog! nampak oren! like your way of writing! like the site! like the station! 8tv rox!

and there i was, commenting on the blog, when suddenly.."heck! me also writes a blog me self! in someone else’s pulak tu!" so.. i’m copying this into my blog :D toodles!
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ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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