Saturday, March 12


Winamp playin' Oriental Express by As One

sape bohong kat aku nih, cakap rose (the trax) ni pompuan?

baru lepas nengok mv the trax - paradox. tu lelaki la bodo! nama je rose. alah, macam melayu gak, nama roslan lah, rosman lah, rosyam lah. nama pendek kadang2 jadik rose. ye tak gitu?

ni nak ngomen la pasal nama grup pulak. typhoon of the rose attack on x-mas. ape ke nama tu? horror siot nama grup. apsal la orang korea ni nak buat nama grup selalu tak lojik? macam HOT (Hgh-five Of Teenagers), finKL (fin Killing Liberty) ngan babyVOX (baby Voice Of eXpression). nanda korewa? ok, bV tu buleh terima, tapi yg lain lawak gilos. tapi nama paling beh (seriously) bagi aku: GOD (Groove OverDosed). tabik tabik :D

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy


Anonymous said...


if you cant stand trax and rose's beauty, i suggest you just shuttup about it and not bitch about them. calling rose stupid, waddahell! thats his look.

you don't have to watch paradox in the first place. if you just don't like visualness, don't try it.

in japan, theres much more feminine guys then rose. and theyre well loved for it.

About their name, YOU try pronouncing something in korean. bloody hard aint it? so might as well make an abbreviation of their band name. *duh* more consumers to listen to them that way.

deathBerry said...


you really, really, painaass misunderstood of what i was saying about rose. what i wrote was

"itu lelaki la bodo!"


"itu lelaki bodo!"

get it? or your BM is just plain stupid? if you do not understand EXACTLY what the words meant, ASK.

do you want me to translate my entry in english? it goes like this (since your BM is surely bodo):

1st line:
who's this person lied to me, saying rose (the trax) is a girl?

2nd paragraph:
just watched the mv. that's a guy, stupid! it's just the name's "rose". like, malaysian name, roslan, rosman, rosyam, sometimes they use 'rose' as their nickname. isn't that right?


and i do know about vk guys in japan. what, do you think i was born yesterday? just because you're just follwoing the japanese and korean music scene recently, don't berlagak as you're better than anyone else. remember, there's always someone better than you.

and about pronouncing their names in korean, i guess that's only you. i haven't even ever step my foot in korean, but i bet can read hangeul (or you prefer hangul?) better than you. and, as for PRONOUNCING, you're a zillion years backdated. not to perasan or berlagak, but even some ajummas (you can see them everywhere in ampang point ares) can understand what i'm saying.

and, if you do think your opinion is just so damn right, why are you so cowardly not leaving your name and email address? ah i see, you just don't want people to argue with you, to prove that your opinion is wrong, or to apologise if you convey your message wrongly. coward big time.