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Favorism is Not A Malay Thing... Neither Kissing Arse.

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after reading Shariza's entry about kissing arses and a CTO's entry about favorism, being working in a majority indian environment, i'd say that not only malay doing such things. it's kinda a global thingie; every person who has a smelly heart (hati busuk) is doing such thing. believe me.

i've been working in first direct like nearly a year. my amo is a non-malay. my mo is a keling (remember my entry about gemuk? i only call indians i hate a keling), my avp is an indian. and my team mate is a keling.

let me first tell you about favorism. my mo is in very good terms with some indians and kelings in our whole family. em, correction, in the whole tranche 3 and 4. and she acts to be in good terms with the non-indians and non-keling (which includes some of the punjabs ok). now, initially, in my earlier days in first direct, this mo of mine always hung out with her friends (that is, the indians and kelings she is in very good terms with. let's call them team e for elites). whenever she came in to work, she no doubt tegur everybody. hello, how are you today, aiseh got food don't wanna give me some aa?, oo you got mcD never give me some aa?, and so on and so forth. but then that's all. when she reached the team e's place, she talked a lot. laughed with them. gave them a hug. just like a family. then came that time. the most incompetent person (she is in team e, tranche 3) was chosen to be an assistant amo for my tranche (that is tranche 4). now, charon might not agree with this, saying something bad to someone from her tranche. but then this was from what i observed yer. let's call this incompetent keling as N. why is she incompetent? 1. she's always on leave. no doubt she has sakit belakang or whatever, but the mc rate is high. 2. she's always kena marah with the trainer (which comes straight from ldsc) because of some reason i don't want to type down here. why was she chosen? the reason my mo gave were 1. she's a senior; she've been working in gsc longer than the rest of us. 2. she did excellent work handling calls. that's all i think. but why aamo (short form for assistant amo) for my tranche? and for the reasons, there's this other person, a chinese, far more better than her, and also a senior. why not her? initially i had no problem with her being my aamo, but gradually i can see her really not competent doing aamo job for our tranche. she didn't know how the team work flows, and yet berlagak macam tau. almost every single person in my tranche pissed off with her (except for my keling team mate and a team e member).

when this mo of mine had to change department, those team e members were all in shock. maklomlah kepala dah takde, tak boleh nak buat suka hati, kena ikut balik rules and regulations. for the rest of the team, bersorak dalam hati! then masuk la my new mo, malay. team morale pun naik sebab she does not apply favorism in her job. sekali bila my new mo nak beranak, kena amek leave, my avp panggil balik this mo suruh jaga whole team. siap plead dekat vp tu. what i can observe kan, that is simply because of favorism. my fren, yang pernah keje ngan that mo, told me that she is loathe by a lot of person. why did my avp plead for her to move back to first direct? favorism. and also, this mo ni nampak cam pandai sangat buat keje. actually dia mmg pandai buat keje. but not all of us like her, because of her attitude and favorism. for N and the rest of the team e, they felt 'alive', they can breathe normally.

now i tell you about kissing arse. my team mate (let's call him shorty) initially was innocent and mild (hah! as if!). easy to get along with everybody. then came this time. N yang malas nak buat keje2 berkaitan T4 (shortform for my tranche 4) started to assign people to do jobs on her behalf. shorty is one of them. and then suddenly, he started to miss his breaks, miss his lunches. when the amo from my team or from the other teams saw him in front of his terminal @ lunch hour, he replied "ni.." with a hand ponting at his monitor. at first i was like, huh rajin tu, considering the volume of work at that time. it turns out to be (another indian collague of mine told me) that he actually waited for the amos to go out, then after 5 minutes he went out (considering the fact that my amos like to eat outside the office area) then he came back before the amos. and acted like he's actually too observed with his job. and then, at times, most of the t4 members would mengumpat2 pasal N or our amo. he would listened, or sometimes butted in. acted like he's also not satisfied. then suddenly N or our amo knows about it. simply said la, nobody else is at very good terms with both of them except for shorty. and recently, shorty received an award for 'most improved gsc'. and we all are like, huh? buat keje pun main2, only i know how many mistakes he have done during the period when he started kissing the upper echelons' arses. sampai some of my t4 members pun tertanya2, i did better work than him, he got the award? diorang tu yg kasi soalan cam tu kat aku. what can i say? aku buat keje ikhlas, bukan sebab nak award ape2. and that is a fact. and very recently, during my 1-1 session with my amo, i told him about shorty not concentrating on his work. what did he replied? i think you can sort out with each other la regarding this, that what he replied. and i wondered how many cigarettes and lighter gas have they shared, for my amo to 'overlook'. until last friday, my amo was quite pissed off, why yesterday's queues have so much more outstanding, and some of the id is stuck in the other queue since saturday. and so i told him, that this other colleage of mine told me that shorty did not do his work after i go back (i come and go earlier than shorty for 1 hr). and my amo looks very pissed off, as shorty is one of his buddy, and i think shorty's taking him forgranted. i dunno la about what happened next, shorty might get some beating harharhar!

i'm typing this not because i have 'typical malay syndrome'. i just wanna highlight that such things do not happen to malays only.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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