Monday, September 12

Burst Out: Attitude Problem Ajumma

Firstly thanks for the people who were concerned with a tweet of mine which contains the word 'burst out'.

Yes, I did burst out that day. And no, it's nothing to do with work.

The real story's like this:

There I was, late to perform my Zohor prayers. Sikit masa lagi nak masuk Asar.

There they were, talking (as usual) two rows behind.

At first, they were.. moderately audible. Which I don't really mind because some people don't really understand why others need some silence to concentrate in performing their duty. And also I have done the same when I have my loud friends around (which explains why I rather go for my prayers alone instead).

Then somebody in that small group cucuk the other yang pantang kena cucuk with anything. Dia pi cakap slang Kelantan. So yang kena cucuk ni pun tunjuk skill, followed by another girl, and bersambung-sambung. Makin lama makin kuat.

Still aku sabar.... until they began to gelak-gelak loudly, macam borak-borak kat tepi tangga sambil carik kutu di kepala. Macam bes la konon.

I snapped. Turned around and approached them, and said,

"Excuse me, boleh pelan sikit tak? Ada orang nak sembahyang."

Jari tunding ke kanan, then ke atas, with full attitude.

"Pelan eh."


I think if I had my glasses on, I might have just turned my head and either "ekhemmmmm..." or "syhhhhh...", something like that. But maybe because I don't have them on so jadi dengan penuh attitute I burst out. Sebab tak nampak muka memasing kot. Muhahahahaha :P

Now, back to your concerns. I am really thankful to have wonderful friends like you guys, but sometimes, what I put on my twitter or my blog are only rants. Not really serious matters which I need some serious advices or feedbacks (although they are really welcomed, seriously). I just don't really want to explain why I have such and such rantings when it's just... well, rantings. Something I want to write down in a spur of the moment. Something I've been holding off within 24hrs time and just want to let go there and then. Unless if I can post to twitter or fb or blog all the time kan :D

Ok now, off to the next post :)

Pic: MSPmentor
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