Monday, September 12

My Right Knee Hurts

On last Friday I woke up late. Since dah cakap nak kena buat compressed shift which means I'mma stay back until 2am, so takkan la nak masuk lambat by taking the bus kan? So nak tanak kena la drive, to be in the office by such and such time.

When I got into my car, the sky was nearly dark - the sign for heavy rain to come. I don't like driving in heavy rain. Mostly because of my weak eyesight and the condition of my car. Kalau aku bawak kete baru, lain cite kot? Muhahahaha.

Anyways, bila masuk MRR2 je it starts raining. Bawak pun tak sampai 80km/h. Dalam hati I was like, no shiet, defo la lambat. Elok je sampai dekat BTS, traffic slow. Depan aku pulak ada kereta yang the owner must've been like me - dislikes driving in the rain and have failing eyesight. Ok scratch the failing eyesight part.

Dah lepas jejantas, kete depan aku gerak laju sikit. Aku pun tekan la minyak, tak de la kuat. Gear pun masih gear 2.

And then it happened. The car in front braked. I also braked la, but then sebab jalan licin... BAM. Bumper bercium. But it was just a minor since the car's bumper cuma calar sikit, and mine... penyek (found out later). Adus.

Lepas dah kasi nombo telepon, sebab dah lambat, so naik je MEX without checking my car first. Dah dekat-dekat dengan RnR, rasa tensen. Called Diana, since I feel like I need to call someone. Then I called the office and told Nana about the situation. Rehat kejap, tenangkan diri (sort of).

The day after, circa the time of accident, my right knee started to feel pain. Maybe caused by the aftershock of slamming the brake hard. By Subuh time on Sunday, I had to sit while praying. I can bend my knees but it's kinda painful. I guess for the time being I'll just rub some ointment, and later I'll go for check-up. Ok kan? Kan? (Muka risau.)

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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