Thursday, September 29

Terlalu Banyak Post Malas Kebelakangan Ini.

iTunes playin' C.N.Blue's Arigatou

Maybe it's because my trip is getting nearer (Namsan Tawaaaaaaaaaaa) I don't really feel like in the mood for anythinig else. No, seriously. No mood to come to work (especially when my inbox is not as lively as the first 15 working days of the month), no mood to update procedures, no mood to go down to the cafe and get coffee, no mood to choose place where to have my dinner, no mood to drive to and from the pick-up point, no mood to siap2 pegi keje, no mood to...I think almost everything not related to the trip.

Bahaya ni. Especially dah nak masuk bulan baru minggu depan.

I think I should stop this now. Okay, maybe when I get up later?

Mata dah berat ni. Da.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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