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nih hanya picisan... saje nak paste ape yg aku jumpa dalam se forum nih... karang takot tak jumpa lagik plak info nih... heh heh heh :P ni semua pasal.... pheonix blood

pelakonnya: Santibhap Wuwannaphim dan Namthip Jognratchataviboon
Nam Fon - Namthip Jongratchataviboon
Apatcha - Ra-Sri Watcharapholmek
Kritt - Sntibhap Suwannaphim
Rasin - Nawat Kulrattnarak
Baramee - Krit Hiranyapruek
nama siam cite ni: luad hong

25 August 2003 (NST)

TV3 has added a Thai rama to its line-up, folowing in the footsteps of Chinese, Korean and Japanese drama series, which have become popular viewers.

Pheonix Blood, airs on Wednesday and Thursday at 4.02pm. The 25-episode drama is in Thai with Bahasa Malaysia subtitles.

It revovles around a mother's love for her child. The story is about Soi (Jarunee Suksawad) who exchange her newborn baby with Naree's (Aranya Namwong) daughter. Twenty years later, Soi and her "daughter" Numpung end up working for Naree's family. Only Soi is aware that Foon is actually Naree's daugther while Apatcha (Rasri Watcharapholmek) is hers.
At the same time, Apatcha - a spoilt child - is jealous of Foon because of Krit (Santibhap Suwannaphim), the man she loves, is in love with Foon.

Other Thai dramas lined up under TV3's Asia Potpurri slot are Heaven Meets Earth, Maid From Chicago and Soda & Ice.

Heaven Meets Earth review
The 15 epsiode Heaven Meets Earth is a love story and will make its debut some times next month. It is about Pim, a famous Thai actress, who flies to New Zealand for a film shoot. She is taught how to kayak by the half Thai and half Kiwi Chen.
Chen falls for the beautiful actress without realizing who she is while Pim is dislikes him at first sigght. However later, she reciprocrates his feelings. Problem arise when Pim's fiance Paul appears. It stars Peter Corp Dyrendal and Masha Vadhanapanich.

Maid From Chicago review
Maid From Chicago revolves around the relationship between Yotin and Jiji who met and fell in love in Chicago but decide to return to Bangkok after graduation.
As Yotin's parents practise traditional Thai culture that puts high expectations on any future daughter-in-law, he is forced to pass Jiji off as his maid in order to avoid complications.
Appearing in this series are Methinee Kingpayom, a top model and former Miss Thailand, and Saharat Sangkapricha, a singer with the Thai band Nuvo.

Soda & Ice review
Soda & Ice tests the concept od opposite attracts. Atom is a conservative teacher who spends much of her time on books and seeking knowledge while Pattaya is a rich playboy with high self-confidence.

Despite their contrasting personalities, they share similar problem. Both ask for someone to pretend to be their lover to trick their parents.

Profile (Foon)

Name: Namthip Jongratchatawiboon
Nickname: Bee
Birthday:23 Nov. 1982
Height: 177 cms
Weight: 50 kgs.
Work:Singer , Actress
Birthplace: Bangkok

aha kepada peminat Rasin...
nama betul dia Nawat Kulrattnarak ... inipun aku dpt dlm star dua hari lepas kalau tak silap... tapi aku tak ambik lah pulak keratan tu... sbb dlm tu ada nama betul semua main actor/actresses dlm citer ni.. tp disebabkan aku minat Rasin, aku ingat nama dia jer... hehehehehehehe
Rasin dilahirkan pada 10 Julai 1978... eee..mudanya... baru 25... hehehehehe
tingginya 181cm ..tingginya....

Pong Nawat!!!

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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