Thursday, June 24

Ayoyo! Norrita?

Winamp playin' Mirai no Kakera by AKFG

everyday, when i view my own blog, i'll look at the visitor stats and the referrers. then i'll look at my technorati profiles. since my blog is not that glamorous compared to my fellow bloggers, so there's about 8 links from 8 sources shown in my technorati. well well.

and suddenly today, there's another one added. pelik la. lebih kurang begini entry dia:

1. norrita_ samsudin, norrita samsudin, gambar norrita samsudin, 0 Links from 0 Sources
Last Updated 1 day 3 minutes ago

and headline that say Noritta sexually active, possibly kinky ... say , if the parents of Norrita feel like their daughter have been ... (Last Mod: 2004/06/04 Size: 32668k) **The Death and The Strawberry** doneeh.cOm] enda.. =) thanx for giving me ideas to blog!) e-Kamus versi 5.01 (Edisi Professional) means "dregs", "dross", and "waste". deathBerry* stuff*here to proceed... deathBerry* stuff*Houkai Anpurifa - Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

(Link created 1 day 1 hour 2 minutes ago)

hohhh.. apo laa... takde pun tulis pasal norrita, tetiba je termasuk dalam site nih. tulis as in one whole entry about her. hampeh gilo.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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