Monday, June 21


tad bored.

that what i'm feelin rite now.

me sis's using the pc, reading naruto. from the part where orochimaru first met tsunade after a long while. dunno which chapter is that, but it's gonna take quite a while to get to the very last chapter. jadi tak dapat la nak nengok mean girls yang baru je abih download tadik... kena la bersabar. heh.

as for me, i'm currently using me dad's laptop without internet connection. downstairs. while watching pre-f1 programme. okay what. lama dah tak nengok f1. today's f1 in indianapolis, usa. petak pertama: rubens barrichello, 2nd: schumacher. next 2 are BAR honda's drivers. heh. cukuplah pasal f1 ni.

nape aku tak nengok euro? once, ade orang cakap aku ni tak ikut perkembangan zaman sebab tak nengok euro. is that so? kirenye, kalau aku nengok euro, that means i'm an up-to-date person? what's wrong with me not watching euro? u can call me an alien from another planet if you want. does it bother you so much for me not watching euro? hah hah hah hah.

actually, my football (soccer, for the yankees) fever era has long gone. sebaik saje aku klua sekoloh, dah tak minat nengok bola. latest aku gile nengok bola: world cup korea/japan. tu pun mana2 game yg ade ahn jung hwan oppa ngan nakata-niichan. lain2 malas nak nengok. muhahahaha :P yeah you can say the main reason i watch football is the players. kalau ade orang yg aku minat main, i'd surely watch. and also, kalau team yg aku suka sikit2 masuk finals pun aku nengok. tapi sokmonye kalau finals ni aku tunggu upacara penutup je. muahahahaha :P

but please, don't simply say i'm not up-to-date by simply not watching euro. why should i watch if i have no interest in it? does it gonna influence the result of my job applications or interviews? if i dunno the results of the games, or who scored how many goals, does that gonna make me outdated for the rest of my life? please la kawan, i'm not you. don't expect me to be like you. and don't look down on people who's not up to your "standard of up-to-dateness". you don't watch anime, but still i consider you one of my chums. you don't read mangas, but i never riddicule you for that. why should i? because that's your choice and i respect it. i hope you can do the same.

okeh la. nak nengok nape montoya turun dari keter dia. and gi amek spare car. rupenye ade problem starting keter. mujur la baru sesi warm up.

[added several minutes later]

baaakaaaa itu sauber(massa) ngan jaguar.. baru 1st corner dah crash. tu jaguar la baka. cheh hampeh.

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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