Wednesday, June 16

I Want!

Winamp playin' Chaos by Penicillin

takde idea nak update. so.. letak wishlist je la yer.

Houkai Anpurifa - Asian Kung-Fu Generation

(Reviews taken from
I have to recommend this single to anyone who enjoys rock in the vein of power chords. You've heard it before, yes, but these songs will still impress you. Plus, (on the minor side) this band has fantastic album cover art. Not that it's of any importance.. This album will make you run around your apartment, jump on the couch, look at yourself in the mirror about 10 times, and generally act like Bugs Bunny when he goes crazy.

Perfect Man (+1 Bonus Track)- Shinhwa

dah lama nak album ni. just for the sake of having another shinhwa album je. muahahaha~! anyhows, tak sabar nak tunggu the next album to come!! lagu yang paling beh dalam elbum ni : Perfect Man ngan HERO.

Shrek 2 - Various Artists - Soundtracks - 2004

kenapa? ntah. tapi nak!!!!!

1TYM vol.4 - ONCE N 4 ALL ~ 1TYM

(Review from
After listening to this album for awhile, I still can't believe how well it's put together. Compared to their other albums, this one so far has to be the most well prepared and presented. Sometimes in albums you tend to take a liking to one or two songs, and skip over the rest, but let me tell you - you will NOT skip over any of the tracks on this album.Even though I believe an album should be either in one hundred percent English, or one hundred percent Korean, this complacifies to the point of buyer satisfaction. Purchase this album and you will forever remember TYM as the ones who changed Korean hip hop.

NARUTO Original Soundtrack 2 ~ Animation Soundtrack

yes, true, 1st OST banyak lagu yg lagi beh dari album ni, but album ni pun ape kurangnye... suka sangat dengar lagu2 by toshiro masuda ni ^____^


heh heh... AKFG lagi :D maklomlah demam AKFG nih.. hihihi *membayangkan diri macam bugs bunny gone crazy muahahahaha*

Cukuplah buat masa ni :D

ThE DeaTh aNd ThE StRaWBeRRy

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