Friday, June 11

Malaysian Idol..? Hmm..

Winamp playin' The Best by Eugene

Tomorrow's the last day for Malaysian Idol audition in Berjaya Times Square (henceforth known as x²)... or should I change it to today since it's already 3am tomorrow's day. huh huh. lantak lantak.

i planned to go to x² yesterday, with my main reason to explore the funland (cosmic world), and my side reason to look at the face and expression of the participants of this contest. tapi sebab dah bangun lambat... malas laa nak klua rumah. maklomlah takde own transportation. but then i bet the road there would be packed even if i do have my own private transport, considering the number of high-determined people auditioning. takpelah. esok, i mean later today, ade lagi audition tu kan kan. tapi... heh takpelah, lupakan saja. rather wait for the show in 8tv. it's not like that i wanna join the audition. i lack self-confidence. i suck big time. muahahahaha (teringat taim talentime kat sekolah dulu2 muahahahaha :P)

to the people who got the yellow card or whatsoeverthenamethatcardis, congrats. i'll be waiting to laugh and make a mock out of you if you perform badly in the elimination process (for the final 12), and will be cheering for the best. i'd keep my sms votes for the most worthy of them.

to those who didn't get to proceed to the next step, cheer up. don't be a sore loser. and if you're lucky not to be on tv tonight (yeah i got it right this time!), no one will ever notice that you skipped work/classes for the audition. yalor, just imagine, the next working day you might be hantamed by your boss/sensei for both skipping work/class and not making it to the final 32. oya~!

tu je lah.

esok ni nak masak nasi kung-hu style. yay yay ya~!

p/s if you wanna any marion-themed wallpaper, i'll make some on request. [hah! as if!]

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